Vritomartis Naturist Resort Announces New Renovations With Improved Services And Quality

Crete, Greece – Vritomartis Naturist Resort opened its doors for many excited naturists on April 24, 2015 and will continue to provide quality services to many more until closing on October 26, 2015. With over 161 beds in 85 beautifully crafted rooms, Vritomartis strives to have accommodations to satisfy all individuals.


This last year, recent renovations took place in public areas such as the pool bar, restaurant and the reception area. Smaller renovations also took place in other areas to offer modern, beautiful, relaxing and eye-appealing accommodations.

Vritomartis Newly Renovated Reception

Vritomartis Newly Renovated Reception

As Vritomartis General Manager Nikos Dourountakis quotes: “We tried to modernize our facilities without losing our traditional character“.

Along with the renovations, buffets have been improved to feed the mind and soul with quality ingredients being the heart of their menu. Much of the nourishing food provided is local. In fact, much of it comes from our own olive groves, vegetable gardens and even our own animals.

Other incredible public areas include the pool area, bar and lounge area, mini mart and sports area. With all of the variety of entertainment, shopping areas, excursions and sports events, you are sure to be entertained during your stay. Or if you are coming to relax, our accommodations promote this as well.

Vritomartis Renovated Reception Area

Vritomartis Renovated Reception Area

Improved Services and Quality

To guarantee hotel services, food quality and consumption safety meet the requirements of international standards, Vritomartis was given a QS Quality Service Certificate in both entire hotel operation and hotel food provision departments. Also, in addition to providing quality services, potential and current guests can now search our website at ease. With the addition of an SSL certificate to our website, communications between your browser and this site are completely private and secure.

Per TripAdvisor, Vritomartis Naturist Resort was provided with a 2014 Certificate of Excellence and was also named 2014 TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice for Romance.

New Naturist Blog

A new blog all about Vritomartis has been added to our website. Here you can read reviews related to activities or accommodations and receive the most current Vritomartis news to keep you up to date on what we are doing for you.

Also, upon viewing our blog you can receive information about our contests, exciting activities and unforgettable excursions. If you are curious to know more about our trips, photos can be viewed here as well.

We encourage our visitors to actively participate in our blog. Comments and reviews can be shared as well as videos and photos etc. of your activities, trips and excursions during your stay at Vritomartis.

Whatever your reason for choosing Vritomartis Naturist Resort, our accommodations and quality of services offered are sure to exceed your expectations.


To learn even more about this incredible naturist getaway, visit vritomartis.com or email info@vritomartis.gr.

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13 thoughts on “Vritomartis Naturist Resort Announces New Renovations With Improved Services And Quality

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  4. Super les nouvelles rénovations! Hâte de pouvoir en profiter. A bientôt. Hoarau Myreille et Rival Dominique.

  5. Nog 17 dagen en dan komen voor de eerste keer naar Vritomartis. Wij verheugen ons op deze vakantie.
    Als alle reacties kloppen op elke site word t geweldig.

  6. Looking forward to some nice warm and sunny weather on our first visit to Vritomartis at the end of September.

  7. Nog 2 weekjes en dan kunnen we weer lekker relaxen bij jullie, dit voor het 3e jaar op rij. Zijn benieuwd naar alle renovaties, en kijken er naar uit weer alle vertrouwde personeelsleden terug te zien,
    Hopen ook onze zelfde kamer terug te hebben als de 2 voorgaande jaren. Het is echt onze thuis geworden
    Groetjes en tot spoedig.

    • Thank you for choosing our hotel for your holidays for third year in a row.
      We are more than happy that you consider Vritomartis as you home and we look forward to seeing you again in two weeks.

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