Top 18 Things To Do Naked

Being naked is a great feeling, which can bring you a lot of fun and happiness in your life. In fact, some of the most famous ancient civilizations, for example, the Greeks, Egyptians, Indians, and several tribes in Africa practiced nudism. Even in today’s world, you will still find a large number of people all over the world who practice nudism, and who enjoy the freedom of being exposed to nature. And while there are certain circumstances when wearing clothes is essential, sometimes clothes are unnecessary and they can be an obstacle that stands in the way of enjoying life to the fullest. This is because there are things in life that are far more interesting and enjoyable when doing them naked. Below is a look at some of the top things to do naked.


1) Swimming Naked

Swimming naked is one of the top naturist activities that you should do regularly. It is a refreshing, relaxing, stimulating and therapeutic experience that gives you an intense feeling of freedom and happiness. When swimming naked, the water feels amazing against your skin, as opposed to when you swim wearing a swim suit. In addition, you do not have to worry about the sticky feeling of the clothes sticking to your body when you get out of the water.

Swimming naked

Swimming naked is also a great way of learning to accept your body, and it helps to get rid of the negative concept that your naked body is something to be ashamed of. It is also a liberating experience that helps you to enjoy the wonders of the nature, especially if you are doing it outdoors (in a beach, lake, or river).

2) Sleeping Naked

Sleeping is one of the most important activities that helps to keep you healthy and relaxed throughout your life. Getting the right amount of sleep is very crucial, almost as important as eating, and it has several health and mental benefits. However, you can be able to reap far more benefits by sleeping without clothes.

Sleeping naked

Naked sleeping is a liberating experience that allows you to sleep comfortably and helps you to feel free and happy – the lack of constrictive clothes and the feeling of being sandwiched between cool sheets is very stimulating. Sleeping also exposes your skin to fresh air, especially your private parts, armpits, and feet, which are usually covered by layers of clothing during the day. It also helps you to maintain an optimal body temperature, which enhances the production of cortisol hormone. This helps to keep you relaxed during the day, improves your moods, and helps you to effectively manage stress and anxiety.

3) Hiking Naked

Hiking is one of the most interesting outdoor activities, and it is even more fun and enjoyable while you are doing it naked. While the idea of walking through the woods without clothes might be horrifying to some people, it is a completely liberating and thrilling experience that helps you to feel more connected with the nature. One of the main benefits of hiking naked is that it gets rids of constricting clothes that make you feel hot and itchy, and allows you to comfortably walk around, which is a great advantage for an activity that is as strenuous as hiking. Hiking also exposes your skin to the surrounding, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience of the sun and wind hitting all parts of your body. This is a very stimulating experience that can give you an intense feeling of freedom and happiness.

Naked hiking

4) Taking A Nude Vacation

Every once in a while, you need to take a break from your busy life to relax and rejuvenate your body strength. One of the best ways of escaping your busy life is to take a vacation, or rather, a nude vacation (nakation), which is far more interesting and enjoyable. Taking a nude holiday allows you to enjoy the nature with other like-minded people, and in a safe place that is away and free from all the cares of the world. While on a nude vacation, you can enjoy thrilling activities such as swimming, hiking, golfing, spa, sunbathing, and many more, and without being restricted by clothing. Nude vacations also have an added benefit of being hassle-free, especially when it comes to packing and carrying your luggage – less cloths equals less luggage.

Taking a nude vacation

5) Taking A Nude Cruise/Boat Trip

Taking a nude cruise or boat trip is another one of the most interesting things to do naked, and it is becoming increasingly popular among nudists. Nude cruises and boat trips allow you to visit different parts of the world with the liberation of having your clothes off. It also allows you to expose your body in a carefree environment, where you can enjoy the feel of the sun or sea breeze on your skin. Nude boat trips also have the advantage of saving you from the hassles of too much packing, and doing laundry while on the trip.

Taking A Nude Cruise/Boat Trip

6) Sunbathing Naked

Naked sunbathing is an extremely stimulating activity, which makes you feel amazing by exposing your entire body to the sun. It is also a totally relaxing activity, which allows you to enjoy the sunlight, wind, and the serenity of the surroundings. It also has several benefits, which includes a full body tan without the annoying tan lines and increased production of Vitamin D in the body as a result of exposure to the sun.

Sunbathing Naked

Nude sunbathing is a more rewarding experience if you can find a relaxing environment. Some of the best places where you can sunbathe without include nudist beaches, nude resorts, a private patio, deck or backyard, and even on your rooftop.

7) Cleaning Naked

Housework, especially cleaning is a very demanding task, and there are very few people who enjoy doing it. However, you can make cleaning your house more fun and enjoyable by doing it without clothes. Cleaning your house while naked is very comfortable, and at the same time, extremely practical; you can get as messy as you want and clean up easily without worrying about soiled or ruined clothes. The feeling of freedom that comes from cleaning your house without clothes is also very liberating and stimulating.

Cleaning Naked

8) Exercising Naked

Working out nude is one of the top naturist activities that everyone should try at least once. It is a pleasant and thrilling experience that makes your workout sessions more enjoyable. Exercising naked also gets rid of restrictive clothing that usually gets in the way of your workout routines. It also exposes your skin to the fresh air, which allows it to breathe and maximizes the excretion of toxins that are released through sweat. Some of the best exercises that you should try while naked include yoga, aerobics, jogging, and weight lifting.

Exercising naked

9) Dancing Naked

Dancing is a fun activity that has a lot of physical and psychological benefits. However, you can be able to intensify these benefits, and even enjoy it more, by dancing naked. This is a completely practical thing to do, as it gets rids of restrictive clothing that can interfere with your movements, making it more comfortable. It is also very liberating, and you can do while alone, with your partner, or with a group of like-minded people, and without caring about the societal norms.

Dancing Naked

10) Binge Watching A Show Naked

When you have a day off, one of the things you are most likely to enjoy is binge watching your favorite TV show. Since binge watching takes a lot of your time, you can make the experience more comfortable by watching the show naked. In addition to comfort, it is a relaxing experience that exposes your body to fresh air and helps you to fight stress and anxiety of your busy life.

Binge Watching A Show Naked

11) Run Naked

Running naked is a practice that dates back several years ago – it was observed even in the ancient Olympic competitions. It is a completely liberating experience, which exposes your body to the environment and allows you to enjoy the freedom as well as the stimulating experience of being exposed to the sunlight and cool breeze of the wind. It also gets rids of restrictive clothing, which allows you to be more comfortable when running. In addition, running while nude exposes your skin to the fresh air, which helps to cool off your body and enhances the removal of toxins excreted through sweat.

Run Naked

12) Gardening Naked

One of the main reasons most people become naturist is to feel free and more connected to nature. Gardening while naked is one of the top naturist activities that can help you achieve this. A number of people who garden without clothes say that it helps them to feel closer to nature, as if a layer of protection between their body and the environment has been removed. It is also a very stimulating experience, as it exposes your entire body to nature, allowing you to enjoy the serenity of the natural world and the full effect of the sun and the wind. In addition, you do not have about soiling your clothes when you garden naked, which saves you the hassles of doing additional laundry.

Gardening Naked

13) Playing An Outdoor Game Or A Sport

Outdoor activities and sports are a fun way of passing time and relaxing from the hassles of your daily life. But what if you could make them more fun and enjoyable – by doing them while naked? Having your body exposed to nature while running around in the outdoors is a liberating experience, which has a lot of therapeutic benefits. In addition, without clothes that restrict your movement or cling tightly to your body when you start sweating, you can be able to enjoy these activities more. Some of the outdoor games and sports that you should try while naked include water gun fighting, table tennis, lawn tennis, soccer, volleyball, badminton, and bowling.

Playing An Outdoor Game Or A Sport

14) Skydiving Naked

Skydiving while naked is probably one of the craziest, but incredibly liberating and freeing things to do naked. The feeling of jumping thousands of feet from a plane naked is very thrilling, and it brings about a rush of adrenaline as the full effect of the wind hits you on every body part. You just need to be careful when skydiving naked, and only try it if you are a seasoned skydiver or with a seasoned skydive, so as to ensure that you do not jeopardize your comfort or safety.

Skydiving Naked

15) Cooking Naked

Cooking is one of the most interesting and fun things that you can do without clothes. It is a very liberating experience that helps to turn cooking into a fun task. It also relaxes your mind, frees your body, and allows you to be more creative in your cooking, which helps to ensure that you prepare delicious meals. It is also an incredibly sensual experience; the feeling of parading around your kitchen without clothes while playing with various foods and ingredients is very stimulating, and it can be a great boost to your relationship when done with your partner. Nude cooking is also practical, as it saves you the need of having to clean your clothes after a cooking session. However, you should be careful when frying or cooking foods that spatter so as to avoid any burn injuries to your skin.

cooking naked

16) Working Naked

Are clothes the last obstruction to the truly perfected working environment? Many, say “yes they are!”  David Taylor, a business psychologist, encouraged “Naked Fridays” to boost office morale back in 2009. Working naked is easier when you work at home. It’s also beneficial for your creativity. Feeling relaxed, makes you more productive.

Working Naked

17) Socialize Naked

Social nudity include stress reduction, satiation of curiosity about the human body and developing a wholesome attitude about the opposite gender. Recent researches discovered that nudists have significantly higher body self-acceptance.

Socialize Naked

18) Reading Naked

One of the most relaxing past-times is to read a good book. When you do it naked it turns even more relaxing. By feeling completely free, you stay focused on your book and there is nothing between you and the story you read.

Reading Naked


One thing that you will notice after removing your clothes is that after some time, you lose the inhibition of being naked, and even forget that you were not wearing clothes. Over time, this becomes a completely normal and natural thing to do, which can bring a lot of happiness in your life. Being nude is also a very liberating experience, and it is amazing how some of the things you regularly do can be spiced up by simply doing them without clothes. Whether it is for practical reasons or for the intense sensual experience that comes from removing your clothes, you should liberate your body by trying the above top things to do naked.

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21 thoughts on “Top 18 Things To Do Naked

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  2. Last time I jumped from a perfectly good airplane I was being paid to do so and it almost doubled my monthly salary. I don’t like cruises, just don’t see the joy in them, so I guess these are two that will never happen. All the others I have done.

  3. Hiking and naked walks in the woods are refreshing, invigorating and worth planning into one’s life. I still do this occasionally in the desert, like when I get a Monday off. I can go to a mountain park and have the place almost completely to myself.

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  5. Excellent article, have so far done 6 of these, hopefully in the near future will be able to do 4 more.

  6. Unfortunately I am from a country where nudism or naturism is never allowed. Lived in Uk and travelled to many countries in different parts of the world and have been involved in most of the activities above.

    Following the beatiful vritomartis since a year and happy reading about the hospitality you provide. Hope! I can travel to Crete this summer to spend my holiday at Vritomartis.

  7. We already do 14 out of 18 naked! Rests the 4 that we never did because some are impossible because part of invalidity, so running etc. will never be part of it.
    It’s a pity because otherwise we just feel that we should have done these things naked too!

  8. I’ve yet to skydive, but if and when I do it will be Naked! I will keep doing the other things & think of a few new ones to do sans clothes!

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