Skinny Dipping Along The West Coast Of Crete

First stop at Kalogeros beach for a skinny dip

First stop at Kalogeros beach for a skinny dip

A trip along the wild west coast of Sfakia which is only accessible by boat or hiking through the E4 path. After we leave Chora Sfakion you can enjoy our boat trip in the nude! Our first skinny dipping stop is Kalogeros (Monk) beach where we are all alone. Beautiful rock formations make snorkeling a must, so make sure to bring your masks and tubes! On our way to our next stop we approach the coast and you can have a view of the famous Samaria gorge. Next stop is St Paul beach with its 10th century Byzantine church and the beautiful pine forest. A tavern there can offer you some shade and a nice cold drink. After the second skinny dipping dive in the fresh water of St Paul we continue to the picturesque village of Loutro where we can enjoy our lunch. Last stop of our naturist boat trip is Sweet Water beach where we enjoy our last skinny dip! Make sure to shower with the cold clean water coming straight from the White Mountains. Keep in mind that the beaches we reach are wild and have no quay, so it is essential that you can swim a short distance to the shore. We will bring your camera, towels and whatever else needed in a waterproof bag. All you have to worry about is enjoying the sunshine and the sea bottom views!

Second stop St. Paul Beach

Second skinny dipping stop St. Paul Beach

Guest Quotes
Anne & Martyn – British living in France

“She sped across the wine dark sea,
with eighteen souls plus Anne and me.
To beach so bare with rocks that tower,
we spent a very pleasant hour.
Then off again that craft did fly
with wind and spray to sting the eye.
A lonely church on barren sand
where legend tells Saint Paul did land.
We found our lunch in Loutro town,
at restaurant of great renown
with produce drawn from land and sea
in local speciality.
A final stop to wet our feet
at strand that’s known for water sweet.
And finally back to our start is
put us down at Vritomartis.
Just one more thing before departing,
we loved it all, thanks Anne and Martyn.”

Third Stop Loutro - Dinner Time

Third Stop Loutro – Dinner Time

Kees – Netherlands

“After breakfast we went by bus from Vritomartis to the boat in Sfakia with 17 persons from NL,CH,FR,NO and US.
That day the humidity was high, so after we left the harbour and we get the sign, it was like an explosion to get our clothes off our body and feel the wind.
There was a nice atmosphere on the boat and a beautiful view on the high rocks and mountains.
First beach with crystal clear water was a good start to fresh-up.
Very relaxing and enough time to look around, enjoy the sun and to swim.
Lunch at Loutro was a delicious landing with all 17 persons together at one big table.
After lunch to sweetwater beach to recover from lunch 🙂
For me it was the 3 time for this trip and next time at Vritomartis it will be my 4th.”

Last stop Sweet Water beach for some more skinny dipping

Last stop Sweet Water beach for some more skinny dipping

Astrid and Peter – Netherlands

“The boat trip was a wonderful experience. The presence of Sophia was a very nice present this day.  It was relaxing in paradise.  Thanks Nikos for this beautiful moment.”

One more photo from Kalogeros beach

One more photo from Kalogeros beach

Harrie & Els – Netherlands

“The boat trip was awesome. Great company. Delicious lunch. 10+ points!”

Naturist Boat Trip

Naturist boat trip during our excursion to West Crete

For more information about Vritomartis excursions click here.

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3 thoughts on “Skinny Dipping Along The West Coast Of Crete

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  2. I would dearly LOVE to go skinny dipping in Crete. Well, for most of the countries on the north side of the Mediterranean Sea!

    Thanks for liking my poem If Everybody Were Naked. I hope you come back and read (The) Great Coverup which deals with the entire issue of nudity. I am proud of my poems about being naked. I think they help.

    Brent Kincaid

    • Dear Brent,

      i really liked your poem. Hope you get the chance to visit us and enjoy our skinny dipping trip or just some skinny dipping to our naturist beach Filaki.

      Best Regards,
      The Vritomartis Team

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