My Handicapped Naturist Holiday Experience In Crete By Rob

It was our first time in Crete and we really enjoyed this beautiful island and although we have a pool at our garden in The Netherlands the weather is not always cooperative.

When we arrived at Vritomartis we were very pleasantly surprised by the very warm welcome that made us feel at home. As I am handicapped there is always a need to make some adjustments and understanding by the accommodation and also this was easily done by the employees. I brought with me an electric fold scooter to get around and it was no problem to use my scooter at the hotel, to the pool, to the bungalows and the other surroundings.

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An Amazing Country And A Wonderful Hotel By Dom

Last summer I tried with my wife vacation in Crete, just to get a little warmer because the summer was gloomy in France.

Luckily there is a naturist hotel in the southwest of the island in an arid part.

Vritomartis hotel is like an oasis in the desert!

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Our First Contact With Minoan Civilization & Hotel Vritomartis

An unforgettable memory of George and Elizabeth.

Filaki Naturist Beach

We will tell you about our first visit to Crete and hotel Vritomartis. It happened at the end of June in the summer of 2013. Μe and my girlfriend Eli left for the dream island of Crete. Due to the long road we chose to travel by bus to Athens and then by ferry to the second largest city of Crete – Chania. After a long journey on motorways we arrived at Athens and we got on the ferry. After a romantic night on the ship “Eliros” we landed at the port of Souda in Chania town in the early morning. We got on the bus that takes us to the small town of Chora Sfakion. Road passing through a passage of the majestic mountain Lefka Ori. The moment we stepped on Crete we were fascinated by the grandeur and beauty of the largest island in the Mediterranean.
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Our Cretan Experience At Vritomartis – Charles & Isa

A place to rekindle the fire of love & romance!

Our Cretan experience at Vritomartis

From the first moment we drove down the mountain on the beautiful and scenic road to Sfakia, Crete, we became aware of the unique romantic atmosphere of this southern coast line. After discovering the excellence of Vritomartis and its people we started to explore all the unique and secluded beaches of the area. Like many other couples, we were in need of some quality romantic time as a couple. We had to refill our love cup with quality time and intimate connection. This beautiful coastline became a memorable experience and place to restore our intimacy as a couple.

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Naturist Beach Sheep Adventure By Greg

This is a story from our first visit to Vritomartis many years ago. We had flown from the United States, changed planes in Athens for our flight to Chania, and then driven the little French rental car that we named “Gigi” over the mountains to Vritomartis. After unpacking and having dinner, we skipped the orientation talk and went straight to bed.

The next morning, we decided to go to the beach, but having skipped the orientation talk we were unsure how to get there. We missed the road to Filaki Beach and instead found ourselves driving down an unpaved road toward a secluded cove. We knew this must be the wrong place, but it looked pretty, so we parked Gigi and got out our towels and snorkeling gear.

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Our Cretan Vritomartis Adventure 2015 By Huw And Sandra

After numerous autumn holidays in the Canary Islands we decided on a complete change for 2015 and booked a two-week break at Vritomartis, our first visit to the beautiful island of Crete.

After a scenic trip over the cloud shrouded mountains from Chania we glimpsed our destination far below – Vritomartis, an oasis in the beige barren landscape. The friendly welcome and thirst quenching orange juice gave us an early taster of the kindness of the Sfakian people that we would experience over the next two weeks.

Our bungalow was beautifully located with stunning views from the balcony of the sparkling Libyan Sea and the island of Gavdos is the distance.

Vritomartis Bungalows Balcony

Vritomartis Bungalow Balcony

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Vritomartis Closing & Winner Of “Photo Of The Day” Contest For 2015

Vritomartis officially closed its gates for 2015 on the 27th of October, keeping inside all the nice memories of the season that passed and hoping to see everyone back next year. We would like to thank you all for visiting Vritomartis because it is you, your kindness and your friendship that gives us the strength and the courage to keep going year after year and help us become better and better!

The closing of Vritomartis also signaled the end of our “Photo of the Day” Contest! Else Ishaug with the photo titled ‘Goats Staring‘ was voted by Vritomartis Team as the winner of our photo contest and will get our 300€ Prize!

Goats staring by Else

Goats Staring By Else

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Nude Beaches – The Ultimate Guide

Nude Beaches - The Ultimate GuideNude beaches differ from other general entertainment and personal recreation spots in that they allow anyone the freedom to go naked whenever they deem it fit. There are rules of course, but these are essentially meant to ensure the comfort and optimal enjoyment of the users. Over the years, nude beaches have become acceptable and legal in the face of the public and the authorities and are even protected by the powers that be. In addition to that, people have slowly become open to the idea of swimming, walking and frolicking around in the nude, something you might be quite familiar with. If you enjoy the natural freedom of going all out naked, then nude beaches are the perfect place to start.

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Skinny Dipping Along The West Coast Of Crete

First stop at Kalogeros beach for a skinny dip

First stop at Kalogeros beach for a skinny dip

A trip along the wild west coast of Sfakia which is only accessible by boat or hiking through the E4 path. After we leave Chora Sfakion you can enjoy our boat trip in the nude! Our first skinny dipping stop is Kalogeros (Monk) beach where we are all alone. Beautiful rock formations make snorkeling a must, so make sure to bring your masks and tubes! On our way to our next stop we approach the coast and you can have a view of the famous Samaria gorge. Next stop is St Paul beach with its 10th century Byzantine church and the beautiful pine forest. A tavern there can offer you some shade and a nice cold drink. After the second skinny dipping dive in the fresh water of St Paul we continue to the picturesque village of Loutro where we can enjoy our lunch. Last stop of our naturist boat trip is Sweet Water beach where we enjoy our last skinny dip! Make sure to shower with the cold clean water coming straight from the White Mountains. Keep in mind that the beaches we reach are wild and have no quay, so it is essential that you can swim a short distance to the shore. We will bring your camera, towels and whatever else needed in a waterproof bag. All you have to worry about is enjoying the sunshine and the sea bottom views!

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