Our First Contact With Minoan Civilization & Hotel Vritomartis

An unforgettable memory of George and Elizabeth.

Filaki Naturist Beach

We will tell you about our first visit to Crete and hotel Vritomartis. It happened at the end of June in the summer of 2013. Μe and my girlfriend Eli left for the dream island of Crete. Due to the long road we chose to travel by bus to Athens and then by ferry to the second largest city of Crete – Chania. After a long journey on motorways we arrived at Athens and we got on the ferry. After a romantic night on the ship “Eliros” we landed at the port of Souda in Chania town in the early morning. We got on the bus that takes us to the small town of Chora Sfakion. Road passing through a passage of the majestic mountain Lefka Ori. The moment we stepped on Crete we were fascinated by the grandeur and beauty of the largest island in the Mediterranean.

While at Athens we visited Acropolis

Our preliminary plan was first to go for a “Survivor” to the island of Gavdos for five days and then rest and relax in Vritomartis, and so was our reservation at the hotel. But fate was not kind to us and our plans have failed. Once the bus arrived in Chora Sfakion, we learned that the ferry to the island of Gavdos will not be traveling as the sea was rough with large waves. We sat in a tavern with a wonderful view of the sea and the island of Gavdos and were thinking what to do. Our hotel reservation Vritomartis was only after five days.

Filaki Naturist Beach

After ate wonderful Greek moussaka and drank a Mythos beer, we told the local people about our failed plans. People in Chora Sfakion were very kind and good, they advised us to go to hotel Vritomartis and ask to change our reservation. So we did, we went by taxi to hotel Vritomartis, which turned out to be only 2km from the port of Chora Sfakion. The receptionist at the hotel welcomed us very warmly and sympathetically to our problem. The girls at the front desk checked our reservation and reassured us that they will accommodate us today in the bungalow we had reserved. We were extremely impressed by their understanding and compromise for our early arrival. Today we are grateful to the hotel team for their understanding.

Lunch Break

We wait a few hours to clean and arrange our bungalow. During this time we had the opportunity to go to the beach on the shores of the Libyan Sea – Filaki beach. The beach was rocky with numerous small coves. In the biggest bay was located the nudist beach Filaki. There were many umbrellas and sunbeds. A small tavern was located at the end of the beach that offers a variety of specialties for lunch and breakfast. After being bathed in the crystal waters of the Libyan Sea, we ate a pizza and we went to the hotel with a small bus, which was the local transport.

Filaki Naturist Beach

We took our luggage from the reception desk and head to the bungalow that was prepared for us. As we were inside we were impressed by the cleanliness, the layout and the standout Cretan style. The room had everything we needed. Our terrace offered unique views of the hotel garden and sea.

Filaki Naturist Beach

Dinner was another nice surprise for us. On the tables there were numerous salads and specialties from the Cretan and European cuisine. The waiters and the service staff didn’t left us to wait. They offered us a menu of meat, Cretan wines and brandies.

Vritomartis Pool Bar

We really knew we found our paradise in the hotel Vritomartis. Before we discovered this wonderful place we have been to many nudist hotels in Croatia and Montenegro, but the luxury, the comfort and the service that Vritomartis offers is incomparable. At this point we felt really happy, calm and full of positive energy. We continued our stay at Vritomartis for 7 more days, we were captivated and fascinated by this wonderful place on the island of Crete. After our stay in Vritomartis we went at the island of Gavdos. On this island we had also very pleasant and romantic nude memories, but this is a story for another time.


Filaki Naturist Beach

From that moment on, every summer we visit hotel Vritomartis for at least a week. Each year we notice that there are new surprises, new bathrooms in the bungalows, a new wastewater treatment system for the swimming pool and many more. Last summer we had wonderful professional animators who took care of the guests and made sure no one  got bored. We believe that in coming years we will have new romantic and unforgettable holidays at hotel Vritomartis.

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6 thoughts on “Our First Contact With Minoan Civilization & Hotel Vritomartis

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  2. Beautiful experience, shared by a beautiful naturist couple, George and Elizabeth. Enjoyed the story experience. Thank you.

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  4. At first I thought this was going to be a sad story, but how wrong I was.
    I am so happy that you both had a wounderfull naturist holiday.
    I am about to leave for the canaries for 7 days Grand Hotel Naturia I hope it’s just as good.

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