How do Nudists and Nudist Resorts deal with erections?

This is undoubtedly the most asked questions and definitely the most debated regarding nudism.

So, what happens if a guy gets an erection while at a nudist setting?

Erections occur far less frequently among nudists and nudist resorts than most people think. If you do get an erection, most naturists usually give you a bit of space to cool down and to avoid making you feel even more uncomfortable.


However, should you get an erection, you should refrain from showing it off. Use your judgment to avoid making those around you feel uncomfortable.
If necessary, consider taking a swim, conceal it with a towel or just roll over for a short while. In any case, use your common sense and be considerate of those around you.

What is the nudist erection etiquette in a nudist community?

While an erection is a natural bodily function, it is an unsolicited sight in most public nudist settings.
There are some rules and etiquettes that state how you should act if you get an erection while in a public environment.

Nudists are expected to carry a towel with them at all times. Hence, in the event of an unexpected erection, they can cover it up to avoid making those around them uncomfortable.
Aroused nudist are also expected to conceal their erection by going for a swim, or just getting away from the public until they cool off.

Breaking these rules you’ll probably get yourself kicked out of the colony, resort, beach. The knowledge of these rules discourages men from having erections.

How do nudist resorts handle erections?

Different nudist camps and resorts have different rules on erections. Some believe that an erection implies the desire for sex and since nudism and sex do not commingle,
they would banish you into a different area until you cool off. Other resorts believe that an erection is a natural occurrence and does not always imply the desire for sex.
If they do notice your erection, they will just pass you by and carry on with their business.
Some naturists do not see the need to hide an erection because it’s simply “natural.” Others feel they need to protect their children and other people from sexual exposure. Hence, depending on your beliefs and understanding of erection, it is crucial that you check out a venue ahead of time and find out their rules and policies regarding erections and sex.

Are unwanted erections a common occurrence among nudists?

Most non-nudists consider nudity to be an invitation or prelude to sexual activity.
They have the assumption that men in nudist communities will be sexually aroused by the sight and or presence of nude women.
The truth is that erections do not occur that commonly in a nudist environment. This is because nudity is not the first step towards sexual activity.
Once men realize that there will be no sex, they are highly unlikely to get an erection.

Should nudists and naturists address the issue of erection to minimize anxiety and body shaming?

An erection, whether intended or unintended, at a nudist setting is often regarded as shameful and embarrassing.
This trend tends to stop some guys who are genuinely interested in nudism from even trying it. People should remember that nudism in itself is a form of liberation.
It aims to help people escape from body shaming and the stress of self-presentation and instead to reconnect with nature and their sense of unmodified place in it.
One way nudist can address this issue without causing anxiety or promoting body shaming is by accepting that an erection is a natural occurrence.

We are sexual beings and a man having an erection is just natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Instead of shaming people for their erections,
they should accept it as a natural occurrence to eliminate the awkwardness around it. The best bit is that with time, experience and learning,
most nudists learn to control their erections and most importantly be comfortable with their bodies and sexuality.

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3 thoughts on “How do Nudists and Nudist Resorts deal with erections?

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  2. Whenever I’m at the resort and I feel like I’m about to get an erection I try to think about something else.

  3. Nicely explained! If we had a euro for every time someone asked us this question, we could probably retire to Vritomartis 🙂

    We often compare an erection with a fart. It’s nothing to be ashamed about and if it happens, most of the time everyone will ignore it. But etiquette says that you better step away from the others for a while. If it happens 5 times in an hour or you look pleased by the fact that everyone has seen (smelled) you, people will start avoiding you.

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