Naturist Experience in Vritomartis – Through the eyes of Merah Filko

Merah Filko, owner and writer of A Change of Place blog stayed at Vritomartis Resort at the end of September. She shared the experience of her stay through Vritomarti’s Instagram account and her own account day by day.

Would you like to see what a mini getaway at our hotel looks like through Merah’s eyes & camera?

Let’s go!

Day 1

Let’s dive into the pool first!

Day 2

Day 3




Last Day 


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One thought on “Naturist Experience in Vritomartis – Through the eyes of Merah Filko

  1. Yes I stayed there last week of Sept was my first visit to a resort and such a beautiful place , friendly staff and wonderful guests , would certainly recommend it to anyone , wish I had seen you and come and said hello , take care, Wayne

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