Naked Hiking: 3 Tips for Beginners

3 Tips for Beginners

Earlier this year I became really curious about public attitudes towards nude hiking. So I decided to run a survey. I asked 1,505 adults which of the following statements best described their attitude towards naked hiking:


  1. It’s fine, I have no problem with it
  2. It should only be allowed in specific places
  3. It shouldn’t be allowed anywhere
  4. It sounds fun!


Around 75% of people were mostly accepting of it (only 25% of respondents thought it shouldn’t be allowed anywhere). More excitingly, nearly 15% selected Option D “naked hiking sounds fun”. Great news!

With so many people apparently excited by the idea of nude hiking, I thought it would be worth sharing a few tips for beginners…

How To Do Naked Hiking 

Tips for Comfort

Make sure you wear plenty of sunblocks and cover all of your parts with sunscreen. Even on a cloudy day, sunburn is a real risk. You should also consider carrying some clothes with you in case you need to cover up from the sun.

Also, hiking naked is a great way to free yourself – but you shouldn’t be totally free. You still need to hike with supplies like plenty of food and navigation gear. As with hiking fully clothed, you should bring at least one other person with you for help if needed.

Control Bugs and Insects

Naked hiking isn’t meant to be unsafe. Hiking boots are certainly permitted, and sunscreen is emphatically encouraged. You should also pack a bug repellant and plenty of water.

While you’ll want to remember that certain hazards are more pressing with naked hiking, like brushing up against poisonous plants…

You’ll be more aware of other risks. Ticks, for example, are easier to detect when you’re wearing fewer clothes (which don’t do much to keep ticks out, anyway).

Insect repellant is a must because you don’t want to find yourself itching in awkward places. Clothing can help keep out mosquitoes, so removing that extra layer will expose you to additional bites. However, a little bit of bug spray can go a long way here.

Join a Group

You can find naked hiking groups all over the world. It’s recommended that you join a group that is well-versed in the ins and outs of naked hiking, and that you stick to places you are confident will tolerate naturist activities.

In order to avoid textiles, It’s a good idea to hike during the week, as there are usually fewer people on the trails on a Tuesday than on a Saturday. Early morning is another prime time.

This article is adapted from a longer piece with more information about the survey and additional tips for hiking naked.





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