My Handicapped Naturist Holiday Experience In Crete By Rob

It was our first time in Crete and we really enjoyed this beautiful island and although we have a pool at our garden in The Netherlands the weather is not always cooperative.

When we arrived at Vritomartis we were very pleasantly surprised by the very warm welcome that made us feel at home. As I am handicapped there is always a need to make some adjustments and understanding by the accommodation and also this was easily done by the employees. I brought with me an electric fold scooter to get around and it was no problem to use my scooter at the hotel, to the pool, to the bungalows and the other surroundings.

We had an excellent time at Vritomartis, though we made some small trips, we mainly stayed at the pool because we needed the rest and we enjoyed the excellent food and friendly service at the pool restaurant. Though the nude beach is great, for me the pool is easier because of my handicap. In the evening after the dinner we used to sit at the terrace and have coffee and some drinks.

We will surely go again to this wonderful place and then also see more of the island.

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7 thoughts on “My Handicapped Naturist Holiday Experience In Crete By Rob

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  2. After back surgery I have trouble walking even with a cane. Have been to Crete back in 1972 and would love to come again. Am now hopeful after reading about Rob!

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