Jeep Safari & Naked Hiking At Ilingas Gorge

Jeep Safari - Naked Hiking

Jeep Safari – Naked Hiking


We start with an uphill ride with spectacular views of the Libyan sea on a curvy road to reach Anopolis village. The adventure starts when off road driving through a pine forest leads us to the beginning of Ilingas gorge. A short walk downhill and we reach a 14th century church and the only water spring in the area. Then the naturist part begins! 1,5 to 2 hours walk just like Adam and Eve and then off to Anopolis for a tasty lunch with traditional products and lots of tsikoudia! Join and you won’ t regret it!

Walking Down the Hard Path Naked

Walking Down the Hard Path Naked

Guest Quotes

Carol, Philadelphia, PA:

“What a wonderful hike! Beautiful scenery, naked hiking (it doesn’ t get better than that) and ending with a charming, delicious meal. We can hardly wait to do this again.”

Adam & Eva Naked

Adam & Eva Naked

Paul, Philadelphia, PA:

“I wish to come every Monday for the naturist Safari. A wonderful day. And a wonderful meal in Anopolis. Thank you so much.”

Surpassing the Obstacles

Surpassing the Obstacles

Robert & Pascale, France:

“Magnifique descente naturiste mais court!”

Their daughter:

“Trop simple!!!”

Naked Hiking

Naked Hiking

Jeff & Yvonne, UK:

“The best gorge walk! A short jeep ride, naturist walk, followed by the best lunch possible. Good wine, excellent food all fresh home made. Good raki!”

Adam & Eva with Fig Leaf

Adam & Eva with Fig Leaf

Patrick & Martine, France:

“Good raki!!!”

Nelly, Peggy, Ria, Norman – Germany:

Es war spitze! Nette leute, schöne landschaft & leckere essen!

Adam & Eva with Fig Leaf

Adam & Eva with Fig Leaf

David Thomas – UK:

Lunch at the Anopoli taverna is the perfect end to the “Safari”, everyone has become a friend after an enjoyable morning ‘s walk.

Adam & Eva with Fig Leaf

Adam & Eva with Fig Leaf

Martine – France:

Tout était magnifique – la descente du gorge, l’equipe, la guide et le repas avec bien le RAKI..!

All the Eva's together

All the Eva’s together

Jean Pierre – France:

Super balade avec Sophia. Randonnée exceptionnelle. Tout était ok y compris le repas et le raki.

Our Lovely Guide Sophia Taking Photos

Our Lovely Guide Sophia Taking Photos

Bjørn & Helle – Norway:

A fantastic trip. A bit tough way up to the start. We had a nice time with Sofi who is a positive and happy girl. Finished with lunch which fits nicely as a final of the trip.

For more information about Vritomartis excursions click here.

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18 thoughts on “Jeep Safari & Naked Hiking At Ilingas Gorge

  1. We went a few weeks ago! Best excursion ever, starting with the open air jeep ride up the hill, and the beautiful naturist walk back down. And Sophia is a terrific guide!

    I will be blogging on this soon. Thanks Vritomartis.

  2. It IS a spectacular walk! We did the very first one with Irene a few years ago and the Imbros Gorge (very pretty) is a “walk in the park” in comparison. We loved it. However we must register our protest at the use of airbrushing and ‘fig leaves’ – are we back to the 1960s again?

    • Dear Derek & Judy,

      Really glad you liked our excursions.
      As far as your protest, we have to censor our photos because we want to protect our guests and we don’t expose them.
      Hope this answers your question.

      Best Regards,
      The Vritomartis Team

  3. We did this walk in August 2014 along with other excursion. This was by far the best., the fact you can do it nude is a fantastic bonus and would recommend it to anyone.

    Getting to the start point in the gorge takes you through some wonderful countryside.

    Loved every facet of the trip

    Meal at the end makes a great finale to a wonderful experience.

    A great outing and well worth the cost.

    Was so good we are hoping to do it again this year!

    • Dear Spink,

      We are really pleased that you like our excursions and especially the one to Illingas Gorge because its something special we offer.

      Looking forward to welcoming you this year again and hoping you get the change to do this excursion once more as you want.

      Best Regards,
      The Vritomartis Team

  4. Wonderful to see the nude hikers outdoors nude in nature, to me that is what outdoor nudism is. So BEAUTIFUL to see that group hiking naked and in the posted photos…… NO CLOTHES AROUND. I enjoyed the photos and all the posted comments of the people who have taken this nude hike, ALL POSTIVE. Do hope you have lots more hikers signing up for your NUDE HIKE in the future. p.s. Lovely photos for the NUDIST MEMORY BOOK. Brian Clark, BAHAMAS.

  5. Dear Brian,

    Really glad you liked our excursion, photos, comments etc. This is a weekly excursion so most of our guests get the chance to enjoy it if they want to.

    Best Regards,
    The Vritomartis Team

  6. I took the photo of Sophia taking a photo : using the fig leaves may have been her idea, as they weren’t part of the hike the previous year. This excursion has to be one of the very best possible at Vritomartis, and being picked up by the jeep and taken to the village for a generous and leisurely lunch was a welcome bonus. The atmosphere of friendship and good humour in a shared naturist experience made the hike a highlight of Crete.

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  9. This walk is so popluar – can you find some other locations in the area and run more naked hiking excursions each week. It would certainly encourage me to return.

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