How To Get A New Lifestyle In 7 Days By Kim & Chati

We set off in 2014, after thinking back and forth a couple of times, to book a stay at Vritomartis for our second honeymoon during July 2015. Coming from Finland you would expect us to be easy-going skipping around in the buff but it took some mental preparation especially for the male part even being the initiator to the idea. The inner Hercules was fighting the idea of showing the outer Hercule Poirot without the usual suit to cover up all the good life that had been collected over the last 20 odd years.


Said and done we booked almost a year ahead and was met with a kind response that made us feel welcome already then. So… one year of waiting and perhaps fearing what our holiday would look like. The general idea to travel to Crete was an obvious one as our first honey moon was also on Crete but in the busy northern part of the island. The Minoan culture always being something we longed for with its way of living, getting around with your fellow humans not forgetting the sublime food was a temptation too big to discard.

The weeks before our trip we prepared ourselves and gathered a suitcase full of things we thought we would need. Well as you can imagine, you don’t need that much going on a naturist holiday. You need sun lotion and a smile. Actually you also need swimming shoes and that we learned by joining the group of active Vritomartians on Facebook. Lovely bunch of people comforting us to the fact that we were in for a treat of a lifetime.

Arriving in sunny Crete after having the lousiest summer in Finland for last 100 years was marvelous. We hired a car and drove the curvy stretch of roads enjoying the mountain views to the other side of the island. Absolutely stunned by the beauty when we started the descend on the south side, calm sea and a lot of nature and no crowds!

We were greeted by a receptionist with a catchy smile and showed our quarters. Wow, walking distance to the pool: 10m. The hotel garden is a jewel much appreciated by us being active gardeners ourselves. This looked really good! So now came the part where butterflies started to do their work, going to the pool and not wearing more than our lightning white bodies and a nervous smile. It was a long 10m but after 2min we noticed that except of friendly nods and hellos no one measured you out or ogled, it was just calm bliss at the pool. The remorse that struck at least me then was; why did we wait for so many years to do this? Well better late than never, from now on forget the bathing suit!

I mentioned sun lotion before didn’t I, well it is not wasted reminding you, at least all northerners, again. Vritomartis sits on a shelf towards the south, one would expect early warnings of sun burn by the heat. Forget that! There is an ever so light breeze keeping you perfect in temperature leading to a nice barbecue of light skin. Lots of sun cream, don’t forget that!

I mentioned also before in round terms our male part being, how do you say, well-aged with good food. This means food and wine ranks high on our agenda. You have heard, perhaps even lived the horrors of hotels with buffet dinner included in the room price. Vritomartis dinner is from a completely different planet. First of all you dine slightly elevated over the pool area looking over the garden and further on the sea, beautiful. You are pampered by a staff so smiling and attentive to detail that you think you came into a five-star restaurant in Berlin or London. The buffet is filled with goodies and the taste of everything is divine. A lot of the produce is local and you get during your holiday a trip though the Greek cuisine. One warning though, be in time at the Greek salad, the Feta-cheese is gone within seconds! Don’t forget to try the olives, they are home-made from the Hotel gardens, Yummy!!


The hotel has its own beach within walking distance with the road guarded by some rather stubborn but friendly goats. The beach is also service by the hotel bus that goes every second time into the city of Chora Sfakion. The beach is a pebble beach so hence the shoes! It is a very picturesque beach with caves and perfect snorkeling possibilities. There are sunbeds, sun shades and a small café, all to cater for your daily need. One of the benefits of being on the south side of the island is the lack of waves during normal weather. On the north side you have almost continuously waves making swimming an effort and not to mention the sand getting in on places that are not comfortable with sand. This being evidently the case if you don’t wear a bathing suit.


So what activities does Vritomartis offer, a lot is the answer and you better look on their website. It is well organized and all done with laughter and joy. For me as a first timer playing volleyball nude, I’m glad to admit the experience being a very positive one. We had a lot of fun and you get to know the other guests so much easier this way than otherwise. Our advice: Just go a long, you will love it!

We could write a book about our 7 days in this resort but it wouldn’t give it credit enough. If you haven’t booked by now, what are you waiting for? You will again: Love it! We do and we hope to find ourselves nude there soon again, wearing a smile and not much more.

Hugs & Kisses
Kim & Chati

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10 thoughts on “How To Get A New Lifestyle In 7 Days By Kim & Chati

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  2. Congratulations, Kim and Chati! Welcome to the best lifestyle in the world! Your wonderful report and photos brought back so many happy and nostalgic memories of our stays at Vritomartis. It’s just too far from Australia now for us to make the long trek, but stories like yours, so well-written, help to keep us in touch. We hope you continue to enjoy the Vritomartis ‘family’.

    • Dear Derek & Judy,
      Thank so much for your kind words! We will truly stay active in our new lifestyl and we sincerely hope to enjoy it in Vritomattis soon again.
      Sunny regards to Australia!
      Kim & Chati

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