Health Tips for Nudist Lifestyle

Nudism has been a social phenomenon for centuries and practiced in different social contexts, especially during sports events. Today, it is defined as a cultural political movement that practices, defends and advocates for personal and social nudity. Many, who choose nudist lifestyle, do so for a number of reasons and may practice social or family nudism or just practice personal nudism.

Nudists however prefer the term naturism as it is more encompassing of what they believe and the philosophy and values that they live by. This includes getting back to their roots and closer to nature, self-acceptance and creating more authentic relationships and human relations by stripping away the superficial. These beautiful sentiments help those who embrace the movement to be more at peace and experience all the health benefits that come with going “au naturel” so as to keep a healthy nudist lifestyle.

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Benefits of Nudist Lifestyle

Nudist lifestyle promotes living in harmony with nature and respect for the environment. As a result, most people who engage in nudist lifestyle feel more connected to the nature while naked. Several health benefits have been linked to nudism even if you just spend a few hours in the nude between the sheets. These benefits include better sleep quality as you drop your body temperatures to the recommended 65 degrees. Also, better skin, reduced risks of heart disease and a better sex life.

Sleeping in the nude, one of the milder and more accepted forms of nudism has been shown to have a number of health benefits including: preventing insomnia, improving the quality of your sleep so you can sleep deeper for longer, preventing aging, helping you lose belly fat (one of the most common problem areas for women), improving the health of your sex organs and your sex life, preventing skin diseases, preventing type 2 diabetes,  increasing circulation and improving your self-esteem. Read more about the Benefits Of Naturism in a previous article of our blog.

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However, there are a number of rules for nudists to help you actually become a health nudist instead of contracting a nasty infection as you live your life free and proud. These tips are common for any nudist resorts, beaches or dining.

Towels are compulsory

All nudists have something in common, in addition to the self-acceptance and confidence. This is the towel that you always carry around. This is essential for hygienic reasons and to prevent contracting any infections. All nudist beaches, pools, resorts or restaurants require that you sit on your towel whenever you are in the premises.


Clothes are not allowed in the pool for most establishments not just because it makes it weird for everyone else but because your swimsuit is probably carrying more bacteria than anything you are imagining. However, do wear something if it is cold outside to avoid catching a cold and having to cut short your vacation.

Lingerie is however not allowed under any circumstances for most establishments as it just goes against the philosophy of nudism and naturism and is rather disrespectful, even if you are a lingerie model.


This is the exception to the clothes rule. You want to be comfortable but not cut your foot on something, slip or step on shells. Wear footwear whenever you are walking around to avoid unnecessary injuries.


Before you get into the pool, Jacuzzi or hot tub, step into the shower and just rinse yourself off of anything that may dirty the water like sand, lotion, sunscreen, oils or deodorants. Hygiene is a huge part of the community to ensure that no diseases get passed around and that the amenities will remain sanitary for longer.

The members of naturism community believe that it is really important for all of us to be connected with Mother Nature, provided that this is done with all safety standards. Follow those tips and enjoy your nudism journey, and all the health benefits it offers.



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