Family Naturism & Naturist Family Holidays

Family Naturism

Family Naturism

You may be like so many others and have considered going to a naturist beach or maybe you went to one by yourself or friends to see what it was all about. Have you ever thought about taking the family on a naturist holiday? How would your family benefit from the experience? In addition to the experience being liberating and fun, there are also a lot more technical benefits that everyone will appreciate. Living life in the nude is ingrained in the history of our ancestors, but recent times have changed all of that. I’m not just talking about day-to-day life, but how society has encouraged us to believe that living, even if occasionally, as a naturist is a thing frowned upon. Thankfully, times seem to be slowly changing as more and more people realize the multitude of benefits that naturist family experience has, even if only on vacations or for short periods of time. The family holiday is a time to relax and enjoy spending quality time with those around you outside of your daily habits and that is exactly what you would be doing here, at Vritomartis.

The benefits of family naturism & naturist family holidays

The benefits of family naturism are far-reaching, so let’s start from the basics. You are on holiday in a beautiful place and you are with family. That fact alone should give you peace of mind and boost your overall health. We have grown up in clothes and live our daily lives in clothes, but what can be learned when we free ourselves and return to our natural selves? By being in a naturist environment, you are accepting yourself as a whole, both body and mind. It is important to be comfortable in your own body and you should feel the same for your family. Body image is always under scrutiny in the public eye, so it is nice and comforting knowing that you can go somewhere and remove yourself from that to focus on you and revel in your natural beauty. Everyone’s body is made differently, just the same as personalities and everyone’s health. In most cases, people do not see other people naked, so it’s hard to realize that everyone has quote on quote imperfections and that you should embrace your physical individuality. You can do that here and promote the same, positive self-confidence in your family, in a safe and open-minded environment free of scrutiny society’s prying eye.

Naturist Family Holidays

Naturist Family Holidays

In addition to the physical self-confidence that you and your family will gain from a naturist family holiday, think of the equality. You could argue that everyone is vulnerable, “stripped” of their worldly possessions and put on a level playing field. Let’s consider clothing. Clothes were first worn as a way to show one’s status in society and have we really deviated from that? Designer fashion is still seen as being worn by those who can afford it and maybe the people wearing those clothes are spoken to or treated differently. Without your normal clothing, there is no social pecking order and no reason to feel inferior to anyone. So think of how little you will have to pack while going on holiday! imagine how nice it will be feeling the rain, sunshine, and wind in a way that is hardly possible anywhere else. It is amazing how liberating and good feeling it is when you first swim without swimsuit and how much faster you can swim.

So let us get a bit more technical and talk about the health benefits of having a family of naturists. Our largest organ, the skin, cannot quite fully function underneath all the clothing we put over it. Consider what happens when you sweat. Sweating is the body’s natural reaction to cool yourself down, but when you are wearing clothes, you can’t cool off properly. The sweat just soaks into your clothes making you feel uncomfortable and cause chaffing. Clothing also inhibits the body’s way of regulating temperature. Sleeping naked has been proven to allow your body to keep you warmer when you are sleeping during winter and cooler during hot summer nights. Tight clothing, that is some time “the style,” can also cause issues with circulation. So what about exposure to sun? Sunlight is where we get the much-needed vitamin D, which also plays an integral part in child development. Sunshine is also beneficial to heart health and an overall mood enhancer. Should you be concerned about skin cancer? Everyone should be concerned, to some extent, about their sun exposure, but naturists aren’t going outside to bake like so many others do. Naturist resorts always provide plenty of shade, so there are plenty of areas to lounge by the pool or ocean without having to worry about getting too much sun. Now consider the effects of clothing and makeup on your skin in a different way, breakouts and skin diseases such as Psoriasis. By getting that extra bit of sun all over your body, your body will show it’s appreciation with clearer skin.

Family Naturism at Vritomartis

Family Naturism at Vritomartis

So you have decided that the benefits of having a naturist family holiday are so good that you want to take your family on one. Why should you and your family choose to holiday here at Vritomartis? Located in the gorgeous Crete, Greece, we are like no other resort you have ever, or will ever, visit. Private, comfortable, and with a beautiful place to explore, you and your family will not be disappointed. We have our very own nudist beach and are not far from a few others if you choose to venture off to do some exploring. In addition to our hotel, we have fabulous cuisines and lots of activities for our guests like boat trips, walking tours, and diving. If this is your first naturist holiday, do not be nervous. Everyone here is very welcoming and you can find an easy-to-follow guide for you and your family available upon arrival or on our website along with previous visitors’ reviews and see for yourself.

Do you want to learn more about Vritomartis Naturist Resort and live the Vritomartis experience yourself? Visit our multilingual website at

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11 thoughts on “Family Naturism & Naturist Family Holidays

  1. That’s all fine, but for true family holidays you need to take care for kids as well. To be honest, kids are not always welcome everywhere. When we were with you 8 years ago, there was little to be offered for them, so we did not return with our daughter who is now 7 years. Has something changed?

    • Thank you for your interest in our resort for one more time. We would like to inform you that children are very welcome in our resort and we have installed a children’s playground as well as a children’s pool. It will give us great pleasure to welcome you back in our resort with your kid.

  2. What is the make up of the people that come to you? My son is 13 would he be comfortable or would he be the only teen there

    • Dear Cris, he will surely not feel uncomfortable since the environment at our hotel is very friendly.We have lots of families visiting Vritomartis but we can’t know if he will be the only teen there since it depends to the period you will come. We have big variety at our guests’ ages but the average age is from 35 to 65.

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  4. Hi

    We have two daughters aged 13 and 14, do you cater for this age group and what facilities do you have for them?

    • Hello David,

      As a family naturist hotel, children are always welcome and there are special facilities for them. Each day Vritomartis resort provides various activities for the adults like Soap Making
      and Stone Painting classes, sports games and some other activities which took place in the pool throughout the day.

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