Exercise naked and the benefits for the body

The benefits of exercise naked for the body are numerous, ranging from the ability to witness your muscle groups functioning to being free from clothes.«Sound Mind in a Sound Body»· that’s what ancient Greeks used to believe. But if you think they used all these fancy gear you see in a gym today, you are wrong. So let’s see the benefits of working out naked.

Exercise naked and the benefits for the body

It might sound a bit weird, but we have to know that there are actually health benefits attached to being naked, especially during the hot summer months. Have you ever wonder what is the etymology of the word “gymnasium”? Greeks used to exercise naked  all the time, hence creating the Greek word “gymnos” which means “naked”.


If your goal is to look good naked, then why not see every muscle while working out so you can lift and develop normally covered areas just the way you want to. Some exercisers find it very inhibiting to not be able to see the muscles and areas of their body that they want to improve the most.



Serious body builders know the benefit to scrutinizing every part of their body naked in front of a mirror since their bodies will undoubtedly be subject to close examination during competition by judges. Only by closely studying their bodies can these athletes hope to obtain a reliable view of what the judges and audience will see.



Other athletes can also benefit from this same periodic scrutiny to their bodies. What better way to watch the way your body functions during exercise than to work out naked in front of a mirror?


  • LET YOUR BODY BREATH : If you wear clothes while you workout you don’t give your skin enough air. The human skin needs air to breathe and by covering up in restricted clothing, you’re actually weakening your skin by way of reabsorbing the toxins that are released from your body through sweat glands. So in essence, being naked allows your body to release those toxins that would otherwise be contained
  • BURN MORE CALORIES: It’s been said that you can burn more calories since you weigh a little lighter without clothes on. You’re not lifting as much and you’re not heavier, so your body is more flexible. Therefore you would be able to do more during your exercise.
  • BLOOD FLOW: Working out in  tight clothes does not allow your blood to flow properly. If your muscles were able to constrict more you’d be getting a better workout.
  • HEALTHY FEET: With naked exercising also comes naked feet. Studies have found that those who run barefoot tend to be forefoot and mid-foot strikers compared to the cushy-soled heel strikers. The advantage being there’s less noted impact for the barefoot runner, meaning over time the potential for injury decreases. There’s a correlation between types of impact on the foot when running and those that tend to run barefoot (or a la minimalist) have noticeably less impact when running.




Have you ever stopped exercising because you just felt like you were overheating? Wearing clothes when you work out can make you quit more quickly, simply because you’re too hot, too sweaty, and just can’t take it anymore. Stripping down to nothing will allow your body to stay cool longer. Of course, you may want to look for a moisture-wicking yoga mat towel so the sweat from your body won’t accumulate on the slick surface of the mat, making it too slippery and sticky to use comfortably. Practicing on a mat without the towel could defeat the purpose, making you feel sweatier and stickier more quickly than wearing clothes would.



Overall working out naked is said to work wonders for your confidence. If your confidence is boosted you tend to do better. So that means you will go harder each time you hit the gym. Besides sometimes our bodies tend to look much thinner with less clothing on. Often times, wearing the wrong clothing sizes or clothes that don’t fit our body type, can make us look bigger than we truly are.

It’s been said that if you spend 15 minutes in the nude every day your confidence is boosted 20%, so why not workout nude?



Any workout routine can be performed naked. However, there are some exercises that are really enhanced when being done while in the nude. For instance :

  • Isometric exercises– Isometric exercises work multiple groups of muscles at the same time and you can see the complete muscle contractions when naked.
  • Exercises without machines– Machines cover up parts of your body that you’ll likely want to see during a naked routine.
  • Full body exercises– These exercises showcase your entire physique and include exercises such as squats, lunges and push-ups.



The obvious disadvantage, however, is that exercising naked is restricted to your own home to avoid offending others. Several hip European gyms are implementing one “naked day” a week. You could also look out for a naturist gym! If you know one in your city name it and let other naturists learn about it! Until then we suggest the best place: Vritomartis!



In our resort, we have plenty of courts where you can exercise naked. Tennis, volleyball, shuffleboard, mini golf, archery are some of them. You can also join our naturist yoga classes with our massage therapist. And if the day is too hot to practice, then dive into the pool for water polo or aqua gym! Then, continue with a class of Greek dances, Salsa or Belly dance. Whatever you choose, your benefits will be double if you exercise naked.

Vritomartis Pool - Aqua Gym



For those that prefer to be nude and exercise naked into the wild, our naturist Jeep Safari offers great views of the clear blue sea and the White Mountains and the opportunity to hike naked in one of the beautiful gorges of Sfakia area. Become one with the surroundings, feel the sun along with the breeze on your skin!





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9 thoughts on “Exercise naked and the benefits for the body

  1. Love working out nude, as is so freeing. I have had many opportunities over the years. I have done it a few times in past after hours in a fitness club I worked. Also have worked at other facilities when only one there. Have also done clothing optional yoga a few times with a friend who was an instructor and her sister in law. I was the nude one while they both stay clothed and this was done outside by a river. I also enjoy nude running on a trail near a local river for a distance with nothing but shoes and socks with me out and back. Also have had many years of life figure modeling for artists which is often one to three hours of posing which to me is a combination of meditation and yoga while they work. Have been pretty lucky with the opportunities I have found in such a puritanistic state. Wish there were more opportunities to do this regularly.

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