Excursion To Aradena Gorge 12/06/15 & 19/06/15

Walking Down the Hard Path

Walking Down the Hard Path

Mini – Description of the tour:
The wildest, most impressive gorge of the municipality. A Bailey noisy bridge brings us to the village of Aradena, which was abandoned after a vendetta. We walk down the walls of the gorge and the adventure starts. Eight more challenging vertical passages. Red colored walls, wild goats and herbs scents. The spectacular scenery is completed as soon as Gryffon Vultures show up in the sky… Time for a drink or a Sfakian pie with the view of the clear blue sea and marble rock caves!

Group Photo Under Aradena Bridge

Group Photo Under Aradena Bridge

Guest Quotes

Barrie, UK:

“I would like to recommend a splendid excursion provided by my No 1 resort. The challenge of the Aradena Gorge requires the forsaking of the pool or beach for only a morning and adds an extra dimension to an unforgettable stay at the Vritomartis resort.

The bus travels high above Chora Sfakion before crossing a metal bridge with a breathtaking view into the chasm below – Aradena Gorge. This is the point at which the walk starts with the descent on the old mule track to the bottom before turning to pass beneath the bridge. With a total drop of almost 600m some scrambling down the boulder strewn gorge is necessary. However, a diversion does enable the most difficult part of the route to be circumvented, namely the steel ladders. Bolted to house sized boulders, these require nerves of steel to all but the most intrepid, to descend. The easy (no easier!) diversion follows steps up and down the wall of the gorge. Eventually Aradena becomes gentler with colourful Oleanders lining the path before giving way to the most welcome Marmara beach. The cafe/bar at the edge of the beach is a joy to behold, especially on a hot day.

The walk is magnificent, not being as long or deep as the Samaria gorge but definitely more challenging and quieter, (no crowds here). It is a great walk for the young and fit, or the older, young at heart soul who maybe has had some mountain walking experience.

Do please go for it during your stay at Vritomartis and put your faith in Sophia who will guide you through the most difficult parts.”

Careful Steps While Walking Down Aradena Gorge

Careful Steps While Walking Down Aradena Gorge

Stan, UK:

“A beautiful challenging walk.”

Walking Down Aradena Gorge

Still Walking Down Aradena Gorge

Brigitte & Peter, Germany:

“Wonderful, diverse excursion with dreamy sites and a very good leading by Sophia.”

Down We Go

Down We Go

Lorraine, UK:

“Fabulous walk, wonderful scenery, altogether a lovely day.”

After You Go Down You Have To Go Up Eventually

After You Go Down You Have To Go Up Eventually

Alain, Canada:

“A nice walk with a reward at the end.”

The Reward - Delicious Sfakian Pie

The Reward – Delicious Sfakian Pie

For more information about Vritomartis excursions click here.

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