Eating Naked

The Bunyadi: London's first naked restaurant

The Bunyadi: London’s first Naked Restaurant.

Eating naked is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Imagine walking with a friend into a restaurant in downtown for a meal and then you run rush to the bathrooms to remove your clothes and coming back naked? Imagine the sight of two or three people in a restaurant perched on chairs with nothing on except their hair bands and probably watches eating naked?

You need not be shocked because there are restaurants opening where you can eat naked. Surprisingly, people are actually going to pay to eat while naked in these restaurants.

The questions then become, are these restaurants and hotels that allow people to eat while naked keeping the hygiene rules?

hygiene rules in nude restaurants

Hygiene rules in Nude restaurants.

When you are eating naked, these restaurants have introduced gowns that people sit on to prevent bodily microbes being deposited on the seats. Effectively, when another customer comes, the gowns will be changed and new ones brought to cover the seats. Alternatively, customers can bring their own towels to sit on. Secondly, there are no statistics of other hygiene-related issues because people were eating naked. Normal procedures like washing hands have to be observed.

Dine Naked

Dine Naked

Eating naked whether you are at home or in a nude restaurant has its advantages and disadvantages.

Eating naked is true liberation


People feel comfortable in their skin and body particularly female. To such people, eating naked becomes like they have been liberated and that they have an opportunity to express themselves freely. But there are some risks.




The greatest risk of eating naked is that the food and drinks may be too hot and spill over to your body. While many people might only see the barbeque as the only risk because of the fire, the dinner table is equally risky. When the waiters are serving foods that are hot, caution should be taken to avoid spilling them onto your laps and other body parts. The second disadvantage of eating naked is hypothermia whereby, heat is lost by the body at a rate that is faster than it is being produced. This is so because while you are clothed, heat is preserved unlike when you are completely naked.



Sunburns can also spoil the nudity eating party where the sun rays are very strong. Always bear in mind that there are decency laws to be observed within certain boundaries. Stick to these boundaries so that you are on the same side of the law.




It is different to eat without clothes at your own house and different at a restaurant or hotel. Every public space must keep the hygiene rules. But in both cases, nudists themselves have to keep to hygiene rules too and pay attention to the dangers of eating naked.

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